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RADIO VISION developed unique Kropotov radars (RK) that can "see" through walls. RK is a line of sensing devices with advanced capabilities based on the unique technologies developed by Radio Vision. These devices are designed to serve special units of the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry for Emergency Situations. The radars can also help rescuers and firefighters to find people trapped under debris without entering a dangerous zone. The use of RK series devices can help with optimal planning for military operations and make immediate life-saving decisions.

RK series sensing devices feature a compact, lightweight, yet rugged design. The biggest of them RK-100 has dimensions 40x40x9 cm with no protruding or moving parts. The radars can be placed in a duffel bag or a backpack and yet perfectly detect, locate and track people behind the walls, determine the distance to targets and provide 3D data visualization.

Unlike previous generation radars based on ultra-wideband technologies, RK series radars have very narrowly focused beams, which makes them very accurate when detecting and locating targets. The RK-100 radar can detect underground objects at a depth of 15 m, or ‘see’ through reinforced concrete barriers or ceramic tiles from 0.1 up to 8 meters thick. Wet materials won’t slow down the radar signal, which is very important during a fire or rescue missions.

RK-100 scans behind-the-wall areaKropotov radar sees through the wall

Competing companies use UWB technology, which has insurmountable performance limitations. Our technology is based on a completely different working principle:

  1. Narrowband focused signal
  2. Use of continuous radiation
  3. No Doppler effect

The radar measures the power of reflected signal

There are no performance limitations of the RK devices, they can ‘see’ through opaque glass, wood, concrete, brick, reinforced concrete, wet wall materials. The radar measures the strength of the reflected signal:

  • at 2000 scan points within the scan sector to determine target dimensions and size;
  • at frequency of 15 frames per second;
  • radar radiation penetrates through any known wall materials, including reinforced concrete;
  • wet walls do not affect radar performance.

Kropotov radars are suitable for detection of buried weapons and explosives, fire positions behind the walls.

RK Series Radar Sensors

  1. Provide quick and accurate target localization behind the barrier.
  2. Provide real-time target tracking.
  3. Operate even when the level of interference is tens of times higher than the level of the reflected signal.
  4. Cannot be suppressed by any existing jammers.
  5. Have high stealth at work due to low radiation power, no more than 10 mW Sabotage-proof.


The radar scans space with a narrowly directed radio wave in horizontal and vertical planes through any known wall materials. Results are displayed in 3D mode on the built-in screen.

Targeted applications:

  • To detect terrorists behind barriers
  • To find people trapped under the rubble during rescue operations
  • To rescue victims in disaster scenarios
  • To detect the illegal transit of people in cargo containers

For special forces and police operations in urban environment where reliability of information is crucial for tactical planning and life saving.

RK-100 Performance Data:

Specification Parameters
Target localization Accurate target localization through most common wall materials; high resolution imaging
Maximum detection range 20…25 м
Data display In-built screen – 3D data visualisation for quick and easy interpretation, including VGA and S-Video outputs
Detection Simultaneous detection of static and moving targets
Data recording Recording to Flash Card (SD card)
Scan sector angle 50° – 100° (horizontally)
40° – 80° (vertically)
Programmable by operator
Resolution Not less than 40cm
Working temperature -20°C … + 40°C
Battery life 2 hours
Warm-up time max 10 seconds
Dimensions and weight 400 x 400 x 90 mm, 5 kg


Compact, lightweight and easy to use, the Radio Vision RK-010 provides maximum mobility in any urban environment. The system is ready to work in just a few seconds. Quickly provides reliable and accurate information. The RK-010 scans the space with a radio wave in horizontal plane and displays results in 2D mode on a built-in screen. Can ‘see' through any known building materials.

Compact lightweight RK-010 radar. Operational principle

RK-010 is ideal for urban operations, when it is crucial to make quick decisions. The radar can serve special forces units to reduce any unforeseen obstacles and save their lives in extreme situations. The RK devices provide unprecedented situational awareness.

Specification Parameters
Target localization Target localization through most common wall materials, high resolution imaging
Maximum detection range 10…15 м
Data display In-built screen – 3D data visualization for quick and easy interpretation
Detection Simultaneous detection of static and moving targets
Data recording Recording to Flash Card (SD card)
Scan sector angle 50° – 100° (horizontally)
Programmable by operator
Resolution Not less than 50cm
Working temperature -20°C … + 40°C
Battery life 2 hours
Warm-up time max 5 seconds
Dimensions and weight 150 x 100 x 30 mm, 1 kg

All RK series radars are completely safe in terms of radiation as they do not use x-rays. They provide the highest possible performance while meeting FCC OET Bulletin 65 requirements - Limits for General Population / Uncontrolled Exposure, radiation is 5 times less than the radiation of a cell phone.

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Research is carried out with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation