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NEURON system is designed to detect and identify moving targets on open ground and water surface, as well as in airspace. The system is able to identify and classify targets (people/ vehicles) with a high accuracy.

NEURON is a hardware-software solution for various security applications. Today it is one of the most effective means of protecting against unauthorized access to any sites, including highly sensitive, industrial or private ones.

NEURON applications include:

  • Open area, waterside, airfield security;
  • Long-distance communications, pipelines, power lines, railroad sections, oil storage protection;
  • Panoramic monitoring of national borderlines in hard-to-reach areas;
  • Navigable waterways security (in the middle of main channel or thalweg);
  • Inland water bodies protection;
  • Bridge and dam security.

NEURON system is resistant to such interference as heavy vehicle movement near the protected area, strong wind and wind gusts, lightning strokes, snowfalls, fog, showers, hail, vegetation (shrubs, grass), large animals etc. These hostile conditions do not cause false alarms in the system.

In order to eliminate any possible impact on system performance, Radio Vision developed a special technology and data processing method - Different Smart Logic, when the system analyzes all the subsystems and components entering into it ensuring reliable perimeter protection.

All the NEURON components are manufactured by Radio Vision that allows to control their quality and achieve the smoothest possible interaction between the PSM-RK-30 compact radars and other devices, TV-thermal surveillance with video analytics (ONVIF and RTSP based ) and other security systems. So, for maximum convenience the Customer gets single management environment for security solutions of any size.

NEURON system provides a significant reduction in the number of false alarms, fast response time to emergency situations, as well as prompt and accurate localization of the violation site, identification and tracking of the intruder. In case of an alarm, NEURON system automatically manages the illumination devices, audible warning signals, informs the mobile security units about the intrusion and displays the information from video surveillance systems.


  • Cost-effective solution: the system includes all the necessary components to be fully-featured, versatile integration capabilities allow to add information if needed;
  • Enhanced power management that provides lower power consumption;
  • Ensured prompt arrival of mobile security units to the controlled area due to the precise localization of the intrusion point and in-time notification by numerous means of communication (alarm, radio channel, phone, IP / EtherNet network);
  • Reduced maintenance and debugging costs thanks to precise fault localization;
  • Significantly improved resistance to interference. The system is adapted to 24-hour all-weather performance. Adverse weather conditions (fog, snow, rain, hail, etc) are regarded as ‘noise’ and do not affect system performance;
  • Compatibility with any existing security systems;
  • Interaction between TV (thermal imaging) surveillance and perimeter alarm systems: visual confirmation with camera/ thermal PTZ rotation to the position of the best observation of the intrusion point, video archive recording;
  • Driveway gate access control with optional vehicle number recognition;
  • All components of the system interact between each other in order to reduce false triggering;
  • Precise localization of emergency situations (e.g. intrusions) thanks to integration with video analytics; suspicious/ unattended item recognition; detection of unauthorized entry or movement within restricted areas.

Neuron automated workstation

We have developed a user-friendly management tool for administrators and operators that handles everything from configuration to system operation. The program uses modern methods for signal analysis and visualization that make the setup and maintenance of the system simple and user-friendly.


  1. Receiving equipment has electronic event log due to the large number of potential interference from changing environment conditions. This log will help to identify sources of false alarms during setup phase or in operation;
  2. Receiving equipment graphically displays the violation area so that it is clear to the guard where it starts and where it ends);
  3. Perimeter and area protection system includes a video surveillance system, yet operation is possible without it, but as experience shows the guard does not respond to alarms if there is no 100% confidence that the alarm is not false.
  4. The system includes a responding device to alarms on the perimeter sections: switching on the lighting; buzzers; rotating video cameras; data recording from video cameras in triggered zone etc.;
  5. Two lighting modes available (at night):
    • Low-light which is essential for normal facility operation, to comply with architectural requirements and to illuminate the paths of security and transport;
    • Alarm lighting is necessary for enhanced illumination of the triggered zone (when an alarm is triggered) and a clear record of the fact of violation by video cameras.

NEURON Hardware-Software Solution Architecture

NEURON for Site Security

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Research is carried out with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation