3D devices for non-destructive testing, geological and archaeological purposes

Our technology can be applied for:

  • Ground layer examination
  • Road engineering & maintenance
  • Cast concrete structures evaluation
  • Void areas and soil heterogeneity identification
  • Localization of underground utilities and buried artifacts

NEURON for non-destructive testing, geological and archaeological purposes

Our technology is also applicable for geological and archaeological research. The radiated signal penetrates into the subsurface layer of the earth for several meters even if the ground is wet. At this, radiation power is 10 mW.

Our geoscanners are equipped with an antenna array that can automatically reconfigure itself. The processing of a reflected signal is based on the following:

  • A new algorithm for noise reduction and extracting a useful signal. The interference amplitude can be hundreds of times greater than the amplitude of the received signal. The program will select a useful signal and remove the noise. This results in a significantly improved detection range without increase in radiation power.
  • Fourier transform and spectrum analysis. When penetrating into the earth's layer, an electromagnetic wave is being reflected in its entire path from each centimetre of the layer. The distance to the reflection point is proportional to the frequency of the received signal. The amplitude at this frequency is proportional to the reflection coefficient of the layer at this particular point.

After extracting and processing the reflected signal, geoscanner's processor evaluates the structure of the earth layer within the entire scan sector. These results are displayed in 2D mode. During movement geoscanner provides 3D measurement results.

Our brand new ground-penetrating radars are very effective in locating buried objects (not only metal). The radar determines dielectric properties of the material by estimation of the reflection coefficient. It will significantly reduce the time for accurate underground utility localization, earth layer examination or engineering works.

3D devices for remote mammography

A microwave can deeply pass through the human body that acts as a challenging propagation medium. The wave is reflected from different types of tissue each having its own propagation properties. Because of tissue inhomogeneity, it will propagate unevenly, at different velocity, depending on material permittivity.

Healthy cells have a dielectric constant close to 80. Cancer cells have a dielectric constant close to 1. Consequently, the propagation velocity will differ as well. Microwaves reflect the contrast in dielectric properties between malignant and healthy tissues.

The boundary between tumor cells and the surrounding tissues will additionally enhance signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Using microwaves makes it possible to detect early stage breast tumors without using x-rays.

NEURON for remote mammography

NEURON for Intelligent Traffic Systems

NEURON for Intelligent Traffic Systems

NEURON for Production Control

NEURON for Production Control

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