Radio Vision to exhibit at All-over-IP Forum 2017

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РАДИО ВИЖН на форуме All-over-IP 2017

Radio Vision will be exhibiting its latest technologies for advanced perimeter intrusion detection at the 10th Anniversary All-over-IP Forum (November 22-24, 2017). The Forum is a perfect venue for innovators to showcase their pioneering technologies and security solutions. All the visitors will have an opportunity to take part in round-tables and hear from industry experts about trends in machine vision, integrated security systems, smart city concepts, biometrics and a number of other hot topics.

Radio Vision will be displaying its brand new PSM-RK-30 microwave sensor, a unique product of Russian engineering designed for highly reliable perimeter protection and remote intrusion detection.

The device has got beyond the prototype stage, and its latest version presented at Interpolitex 2017 has already caught the attention of law enforcement experts as perimeter breaches continue to raise concern. It was noted that existing Russian-made perimeter security alarm systems may fail to prevent perimeter breaches under (tunnel) or above (drone) the fencing. To ensure 100% protection against such intrusions, an extra alarm system shall be placed in the center of a protected area.

PSM-RK-30 copes with both tasks perfectly. A set of four PSM-RK-30 units allows to fully protect the facility area 100m x 100m if installed 2 meters above the ground (as shown in the picture below) in the center of a protected area.

 PSM-RK-30 microwave sensor

Radio Vision was granted two patents for its technology #2480787 «Method and system for remote detection of objects» and #2631524 «Microstrip Antenna». The company has also patent applications still being processed (Rospatent No. 20117504309/49 and the European Patent Office).

Microstrip Antenna patent RU 2480787 patent. Method and system for remote detection of objects

While at the Forum, Radio Vision will be showing its newest remote sensing technology and integrated perimeter protection solution run by NEURON hardware and software system. Besides PSM-RK-30 sensor, it includes AGRG WAGNER PSM vibration detection system and AGRG INDY professional video servers with innovative AxxonNext software by ITV | AxxonSoft.

Dmitriy Shelestov, CEO at Radio Vision

«Exhibiting at All-over-IP Forum marks another milestone for Radio Vision.We will present a perimeter security system that is really one-of-a-kind. Using truly innovative technologies allowed us to achieve a competitive advantage over numerous similar products. We combined our best developments - NEURON system and PSM-RK-30 microwave sensor - with partner solutions WAGNER PSM perimeter protection system and AxxonNext-based AGRG INDY video servers. I want to emphasize the importance of collaboration with ITV | AxxonSoft. Both Radio Vision and ITV | AxxonSoft are resident companies of the Skolkovo Foundation for many years. The launch of such joint projects proves once again the efficiency of common innovation-focused environment of the Skolkovo Foundation that encourages its participants to generate brand new ideas and helps to promote cooperation between members of the Skolkovo Foundation and take their business relations to a whole new level».

– Dmitriy Shelestov, CEO at Radio Vision

AGRG WAGNER PSM is the latest development from our partner company Agregator LLC. It is an intelligent alarm system designed to prevent intrusions in military facilities, critical infrastructure and other high-risk sites. It became possible to obtain high intrusion-detection rates (not less than 95%) and significant noise immunity due to unique algorithms of signal processing and ability to configure all the zones of perimeter.

Perimeter security system WAGNER PSM

WAGNER PSM vibration perimeter protection system overview

AGRG INDY video server with AxxonNext software is a result of successful collaboration between Agregator LLC and ITV | AxxonSoft. These compact fanless video servers operate without failure in harsh environments when it matters most. Extremely reliable yet low maintenance, AGRG INDY proved to be an ideal solution for video surveillance and efficient protection of various facilities including highly sensitive ones.

Video serverw AGRG INDY in fanless box

NEURON hardware and software system allows to manage the entire security infrastructure of a protected facility. It can include video surveillance, radar tracking, video analytics, access control, face and vehicle recognition, alerting, perimeter intruder alarm etc.

We invite all stakeholders to stop by booth G3.3 and meet the Radio Vision team to talk on the prospects of cooperation and demo our breakthrough remote sensing technologies.

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