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РАДИО ВИЖН на выставке Интерполитех

Radio Vision, a developer of compact radar sensors, took part in Interpolitex 2017 with the latest version of PSM-RK-30 microwave solution for perimeter protection (Kropotov Sensor).

The device caught the attention of law enforcement experts - the key audience of the exhibition. They unanimously found that all existing Russian-made perimeter security systems may be unreliable in case a security perimeter is breached under (tunnel) or above (drone) the fencing. The protection against such attacks necessarily involves an extra security alarm system to be placed in the center of the protected area.

Perimeter security device

Между тем, PSM-RK-30 copes with both tasks perfectly. It is a proven solution that can accurately detect intruders attempting to breach the secure area above or under the fencing. Testing results have shown that the device successfully controls not only the outer perimeter, but also the inner ar-ea with a 25-meter detection zone if placed in the center of a protected area. Thus a set of four PSM-RK-30 units allows to fully protect the facility area 100m x 100m.

Radio Vision diploma Radio Vision diploma

Kropotov Sensor is a unique yet cost effective solution that gives it com-petitive advantage relative to foreign competitors’ products.

It is also worth mentioning that PSM-RK-30 operates in the temperature range from -50 °C to +50 °C, consumes only 4W and is resistant to in-terference such as movement of single small animals or birds within the detection area, lightning pulses, precipitation (with intensity up to 50 mm/h), grass movement up to 0.2m high, etc.

Microwave sensor PSM-RK-30 in Interpolitex 2017 Radio Vision Microwave sensor in Interpolitex 2017Microwave sensor in Interpolitex 2017

Interpolitex 2017 gave us a drive to continue developing our technolo-gies and products. Our valued partners and potential customers who have missed the live demonstration during Interpolitex 2017 will have a chance to try out our advanced technologies at All-over-IP Forum in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center (November 22-24, 2018).

Keep following our news, and be sure to stop by Radio Vision booth to meet us and see just how advanced perimeter protection can be.

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