Radio Vision at Army 2017

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Radio Vision at Army 2017

International Military-Technical Forum Army 2017, organized by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, ended on August 27. This 6-day large-scale event was attended by delegations from dozens of countries - Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, India, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, South Africa, South Korea and many others.

Patriot Park welcomed visitors on a huge area of over 120,000 square meters showcasing the latest military equipment, as well as numerous spectacular air, water and land shows. Traditionally, the central part of the Park is an exhibition venue where every notable advance in defence industry is on display. With unique technologies to offer already, and far more to come, Radio Vision has taken its rightful place among the exhibitors.

Radio Vision team demonstrated its two signature products:

  • PSM-RK-30 microwave sensor for protection of short-distance boundaries and local areas;
  • Turnkey security solution for highly sensitive site protection based on AGRG INDY professional video servers and NEURON hardware and software system.

PSM-RK-30 is a microwave single-position sensing device with a transceiver module. It has a number of advantages over most existing solutions used for protection of highly sensitive facilities due to the absence of «dead» zones and extremely high resistance to resistance to false alarms caused by movement of birds, animals, vegetation, precipitation and lightning pulses. The sensor is compact, yet more efficient and cost-effective than any competitive solutions.

AGRG INDY is a proven low maintenance solution for the critical infrastructure protection. These compact fanless video servers are designed for 24/7 use in extreme conditions. They meet mandatory reliability standards that are applied to industrial video recorders for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation purposes. NEURON hardware and software system allows to manage the entire security infrastructure of a protected facility which can include video surveillance, radar tracking, video analytics, access control, face and vehicle recognition , alerting, perimeter security alarm etc.

NEURON Perimeter Protection System

Dmitriy Shelestov, CEO at Radio Vision

«During the Forum we held a number of negotiations and meetings where we demonstrated NEURON system capabilities. All the visitors who came to our booth could try out our products at demo area and meet Radio Vision team to discuss system application prospects and opportunities for conducting trials and testings. We also discussed some of new features the customers might desire in order to implement them in our devices and NEURON system. We welcomed representatives of the 16th Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation as well as key suppliers to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, such as RAMEC-VS JSC and others. We were pleased that Radio Vision products and technologies were evaluated positively thanks to their potential technical advantages and new physical principles applied».

Dmitriy Shelestov, CEO at Radio Vision

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