RADIO VISION at Global Startup Conference SLUSH 2015

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Slush is the focal point for entrepreneurs and tech talents to meet with top-tier investors, executives and media. Slush 2015 took place on November 11-12th in Helsinki, Finland.

During this event RADIO VISION demonstrated its one-of-a-kind noise cancelling technology (improved S/N ratio) for real-time communications, medicine, data transfer using neural networks.

Noise cancelling systems play an important role throughout the history of mankind. One of the major trends is the use of rapidly developing digital signal processing systems. They are implemented on multi-purpose programmable processor elements. RADIO VISION presented a brand new method for real-time noise «killing» for DSP. Namely, this is an algorithm for extracting a desired signal from noise, even if the noise exceeds hundredfold the level of useful signal. The algorithms are based on the substantial (abrupt) development of the theory of matched filtering and correlation techniques. This is the next level of quality development based on neural networks.

By applying RADIO VISION algorithms we can increase these parameters and expand the range of applications for various electronic devices and appliances, including radio stations.

  • For mobile communication systems, including cellular. It will significantly reduce the number of base stations because one station will be able to increase its coverage area in tens of times;
  • For boosting the range of the existing radio communications tens of times, including air and space communications (without increasing the transmitter power);
  • For data transfer channels. Brand new principles that can not be «suppressed»;
  • For medical equipment (such as tomography scanners). Absolutely new level of signal measurements quality that will allow to create new devices and systems;
  • For robotics and car navigation;
  • For new type of radars with transmit power that is tenfold lower than existing one;
  • For new navigation devices that receive signals from the satellites, where is was impossible before (for example, indoors).

At SLUSH RADIO VISION presented to partners and companies from various industries its newly developed components that will significantly enhance any of existing devices with undeniable advantages.

Such blue chip companies, like Philips, Samsung Electronics, Nokia, TeliaSonera expressed their interest in RADIO VISION developments.

A number of meetings with representatives of investment funds and accelerators, such as Helsinki Ventures, Tekes, Vertical and Finland Trade Mission has been held.

At Skolkovo booth RADIO VISION representatives had an informal talk with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich.

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