Radio Vision is a tech startup established in 2012 to commercialize breakthrough radar technologies developed by Vladimir Kropotov. Theoretical background for further inventions was prepared during 2008 - 2012. Our innovative ideas were grounded by a strong scientific premise.

A radar prototype was designed and produced in 2012. Newly-developed technologies and unique design of active phased-array antenna was successfully tested. The development was highly appreciated by the expert committee of the Skolkovo Foundation and Radio Vision received resident status of the Skolkovo Foundation in the nuclear technologies cluster.

The project ‘Short-range radar for remote detection of objects through optically opaque barriers' aroused high interest not only in the Skolkovo Foundation, but also in internationally recognized universities like Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Lomonosov Moscow State University.

A patent for the invention RU 2480787 ‘Method and system for remote detection of objects’ was granted in 2013. It protects one of the most advanced radar technologies developed by Radio Vision that uses microwaves with a very narrow, focused beam.

Further work was focused on developing state-of-the-art algorithms aimed at the improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). It was funded by one of our prospective customers.

At the beginning of 2015 we have strengthened our team with a highly-experienced sales expert Dmitriy Shelestov, who joined the company as a co-founder. He is responsible for driving sales, promoting the company and its products in the market. On his initiative, Agregator company (www.agrg.ru) became a long run investor in Radio Vision R&D activities with up to $500,000 per year.

We have gathered a team of security systems specialists with years of experience and a large customer base that includes government entities, fuel and energy complex enterprises, IT integrators.

In September 2015 the Skolkovo Foundation registered a new project ‘NEURON hardware-software solution for integration into a single network of radar devices based on an advanced electronic scanning technology’. The product is intended for site security applications, intelligent transport systems, nondestructive testing and evaluation.

We strive to produce the highest quality products. To ensure operational excellence and customer satisfaction we work in close collaboration with our partners - true experts in integration of our products.

We support our partners in every respect - we provide them with professional training support and technical advice on our products.

We are currently adapting our technology to meet the requirements received from our customers.

Prospective applications of our technologies include:

  • Perimeter security (airports, prisons, plants, oil&gas facilities);
  • Open-space protection (fields, hunting areas, access ways to sensitive sites, sporting facilities);
  • Vehicle traffic monitoring (for car tracking and monitoring systems and intelligent transport systems). Calculation, classification and detection of vehicles’ velocity.
  • Special forces of the Ministry of Defense/ the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation/ Main Intelligence Directorate (to detect terrorists hidden behind various barriers and victims trapped under rubble). Thanks to our technology, the device can ‘see’ through damp, reinforced concrete thick (more than 40 cm) walls.

These are just a few applications of our technology. Further development of our innovative devices is going to keep transforming:

  • Medicine
  • Construction
  • Non-destructive Testing
  • Geolocation
  • Archaeology etc.

Having unique technologies and products, we are open to cooperation with experts from the above-mentioned industries and potential customers who will benefit from using our devices in their projects.

All the information about our technology, products is outlined at our website.

To learn more about partnership opportunities, please fill out a form or simply call us.


Vladimir Kropotov

CTO. Mathematician, computer programmer, inventor of various electronic devices.

Educational Background:

  • Kiev Military School of Communication. Specialization ‘Radio communication'.
  • Moscow State University. Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Specialization ‘Applied Mathematics’.

Research, development and customization of radio electronic devices for different markets: Russia, China, Belgium and others. The development of the radar concept and structure, programming multiprocessor systems of radars. Radar working modes studies and further optimization.

Development of analog, digital and microwave devices. Programming of microprocessors and multiprocessor computer systems.

Research and development of microstrip antennas.

Patent US 7,683,822. ‘Method and system for remotely detecting metal items’.

Dmitriy Shelestov


Responsible for overseeing the company’s entire operation and strategic management with long-term objectives.

In the past 25 years Dmitriy has gained extensive experience in sales. 10 years as a Commercial Director in ITV/AxxonSoft (a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation) - a world-leading software developer, where he managed the work of 15 branches.

Since 2014 Dmitriy is a Founder and President of AGRG Solutions – a EU-based distributor of professional security equipment under its own trademark. The company has established itself as a trusted, reliable supplier to Europe & Middle East.

In RadioVision Dmitriy is responsible for a long-term sales strategy, dealer appointments, strengthening network via performance improvement oversight, identifying new market opportunities.

Hobbies: trapshooting, hunting, alpine skiing.

Alexander Chizhov


2004-2009 Alexander worked at ITV/AxxonSoft as a Business Development Director.

Since 2009 Alexander is a founder and general manager of Agregator LLC, a manufacturer and integrator of professional security and access control systems. Today the company is one of the most trusted suppliers for Fuel & Gas enterprises, government entities and law enforcement agencies.

Alexander is a renowned security expert and industry analyst who has authored numerous publications on new technologies in this field.

In RadioVision Alexander determines the company's overall direction, develops and maintains client relationships, identifies potential business partners and negotiates agreements.

Hobbies: cycling, hunting.

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Research is carried out with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation