Microwave Sensing Systems with PSM-RK Active Phased Arrays
Proprietary Algorithms & Patented Technologies
Own Microwave Modules, Antennas & PCB designs
Compliance With Widely Used Industrial Network Protocols (Modbus-RTU)
Integration With Popular Video Surveillance Systems (AxxonNext)


Radio Vision is a manufacturer of compact radars and NEURON system for various applications including perimeter and open area security.

Patented technologies used in our devices are the most advanced in the industry today. Our totally weatherproof radars provide fine-grained information about a target, improved jamming resistance as well as other features that make them truly unique.

NEURON system was initially created as a vertical solution that comprises video surveillance, access control and security alarm system for single or multi-site protection.

Application of our patented technologies and software products is not limited to perimeter protection. Radio Vision can develop a customized security program to meet your specific needs, priorities and budget. Our radars can be successfully used for vehicle classification, protection from manmade or technological threats, railway crossing/ museum collections/ bank security and much more.

Radio Vision takes control of the entire manufacturing process. We believe that quality control is a key component of production at all levels during the process. Circuit designs, program code and patents for inventions solely belong to our company.

We value the convenience of our customers and we ship all our products internationally.

We are interested in partnering with companies that develop and implement perimeter protection projects.

We encourage our partners to deliver their high margin professional services, while providing customers with exceptional quality and unique technical characteristics.





In our compact radars we use the most advanced, highest-performing 60 nm FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) for signal processing. FPGA provides huge processing capabilities to meet the most complex radar signal processing applications. FPGAs significantly outperform most CPUs and GPUs due to their high capacity, great power efficiency and functionality.

No Doppler Effect

Unlike many other manufacturers, we do not use the Doppler effect due to its low noise immunity. Noise immunity is a key factor that is responsible for creating false triggering (the main indicator of radio detector quality). Competitor systems employ frequencies of more than 20 GHz (wide-band) that results in performance limitations caused by precipitation. Doppler radars can operate only within allocated bands and may require permission to use them, especially when the radiation power exceeds 100mW. Radio Vision develops compact radar devices that do not require special permits since their power is only 10 mW.

Competitive Price

Similar technologies that exist today are mostly used for military applications, for instance, on fifth-generation fighters. These technologies were recently unavailable for commercial uses. The cost of similar devices used in the military-industrial complex is tens of thousands of dollars. Radio Vision offers brand new short-range compact radars at prices of common radio detectors. We do not use obsolete technologies. We use technologies that were previously unavailable in the open market.

Ergonomics and Design

Unique hull design ensures smooth performance in all weather conditions. It was developed by a creative team of Karfidov Lab design bureau. Karfidov Lab is a member of the Center for Collective Use (CPC) of the Skolkovo Foundation. The company has created a mathematical model of an Olympic torch for the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The torch was designed under the supervision of world-famous industrial designer Vladimir Pirozhkov. The radar hull is made of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) with unique anti-vandal properties and absolute radio transparency. The main parameters of UHMWPE: super-strength fiber 300-380 CN / dtex, impact resistance - up to 170 kJ/m2, frost resistance up to minus 80°C, corrosion stability.

Partner with Us

Radio Vision goes beyond just technical aspects of perimeter security by offering horizontal and vertical area scanning with narrow-band and narrowly-focused electromagnetic waves and 3D data visualization. We are always open for cooperation!

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Research is carried out with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation